Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Martin Moulton - D.C. Refined

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 A look at D.C.'s mayoral candidates

Martin Moulton 
Martin Moulton is the only Libertarian candidate running for D.C. Mayor, but he doesn’t see that as a disadvantage. On the contrary, Moulton tells DC Refined, “If I got half the number of registered voters that Muriel Bowser didn’t get when she won, if I got all the Libertarians, if I got a good segment of the LGBTQ population and I peeled off a certain number of the black vote, I think I can win.” This isn’t Moulton’s first rodeo when it comes to politics. In 2016, Moulton ran for the D.C. Delegate seat as a Libertarian, losing to Eleanor Holmes Norton by a margin of 85 percent to 6 percent, while collecting 17,272 votes, as reported by Washington Blade. 
Moulton’s priorities include tackling the scandals that have beset the D.C. Public School (DCPS) system recently, abolishing all drug laws in the city and legalizing prostitution. On education, Moulton says, “I see that our current public school systems are failing … I think that the failures of DCPS and our public school system was a bunch of bureaucrats devising schemes to tell parents how they should educate their kids and sort of limiting how they can educate their kids. It’s a tragic disaster.”

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